Actual trucks we sale

our 6 step inspection

We use the 6 steps listed below as a guide make sure all vehicles are brought up to manufactures specifications and all installed equipment operates as from the factory.


1. Visual Examination - The body should appear even, with no irregular spacing between the body joints. All doors should open and close with ease. Check for oil leaks; examine the exhaust system and all emission equipment.  Replace wiper blades.

2. Under the Hood - Change engine oil/filter, air filter and fuel filter (if equipped). Check hoses and radiator for leaks, test anti freeze/coolant. Examine the battery. Check belts for cracks and wear. Check automatic transmission and power steering system; check fluid level and for leaks.

3. Electrical System - Start the engine and check all accessories one at a time as follows: gauges, radio, heater, air conditioner and windshield wipers. Blow the horn. Check the dome light, headlights, parking lights, turn signals and back-up lights. Also, check air bag systems.

4. Tires and wheels - Check the tires and the spare. Make sure the vehicle has a jack in good working order.

5. The Brakes - Pull wheels off and check pad/shoe friction thickness. Replace if less than 50% of new; check for brake fluid leaks around each wheel.  Examine the drive shaft and check rear end fluid level. Lube all grease fittings.

6. Test Drive - Take the vehicle out on the road at speed and check steering system, brake system and overall performance of vehicle.  Check cruise control (if equipped).